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Location:United States of America
it's always been difficult for me to fall in love. give me a few hours though, and it usually happens. dreaming frightens me. i throw myself into random things at random times fully, and wholly. it takes up a lot of my time.


fandoms i write for :: final fantasy, fullmetal alchemist, soul eater, trinity blood

as far as my writing style goes, i'm particularly fond of writing stories about drug addiction (whether glamorizing addiction or showcasing the uglier sides of addiction), psychological abuse, dark humor and non-con. i'm a fan of vice and so i write plenty of it. heavy sexual content, tension and vulgarity are also a large part of my written arsenal. i don't do fluff, squee or furry anything. incest, underage, and the like don't bother me, and as such they can and will be found within. this spreads pretty much across any fandom i write for, though obviously adjusted accordingly for each character. death the kid isn't going to go on a heroin binge any time soon.


voices in my head [otherwise known as characters i can write]:

vii :: reno, rude, rufus
x :: auron, seymour, jecht, braska
x-2 :: gippal, paine, baralai, nooj
xii :: balthier, fran, basch, larsa, vayne
xiii :: fang

primary pairings:

reno/rufus, reno/rude, auron/yuna, auron/braska, seymour/yuna, gippal/baralai, nooj/paine, balthier/fran, larsa/vayne, larsa/basch, vayne/ffamran, fang/snow



voices in my head:

abel nightroad, caterina sforza, tres iqus, ion fortuna, cain nightroad

primary pairings:

abel/ion, abel/cain


voices in my head:

roy mustang, edward elric, alphonse elric, solf kimblee, frank archer, riza hawkeye, maes hughes, lust

primary pairings:

roy/riza, roy/ed, ed/al


voices in my head:

death the kid, crona, stein

primary pairings:

death the kid/crona, spirit/stein

...just a little bit of info there.

Interests (16):

abel nightroad, boy tummy, chain smoking and non-con, creating fantasies, crona, death the kid, es geht uv eh muja fedr so gippal, final fantasy, fullmetal alchemist, oerba yun fang, opiates, putting pen to paper, reno, soul eater, steven seagal (not kidding), trinity blood
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